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Chicago Wild Weekend Wanderings: Dedications to kid stuff

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We're all over the map for Chicago Wild Weekend Wanderings, Daley dedication of a launch to kids camping out at Montrose.


MAYOR DEDICATION: Mayor Daley is expected to dedicate the Richard J. Daley Boat Launch at 3120 S. Western Avenue on the south bank of the Sanitary and Ship Canal Saturday morning. Park Commisioner Mitchell should be there too, and a host of others involved.

MONTROSE KIDS STUFF: ``Fishin' Buddies! & Mayor Daley's Fishn' Kids Conservation Expo 2009'' is one of the wilder wild kids events of the year. There's lots of booths, learning stations and everything from canoeing to archery to fishing, to what I think is the highlight, a night of camping out at Montrose for the first 150 who signup. Sorry, but I don't know if that point has been reached yet.

Go to to apply. For most of the stuff, show up at Montrose.

WADING: Rivers are all in great shape for wading. Fishing has been OK.

SHABBONA's BLUEGILL OPEN: This month's special event at Shabbona Lake is the bluegill open on Saturday. Go to or (815) 824-2581.

ROCK CATFISH TOURNAMENT: The 17th annual Original Rock Valley Anglers Catfish Tournament is on the , Rock River from Rockton Dam south to Belt Line Road Bridge, shore or boat, Saturday. First flight is midnight-6 a.m., second flight 6 a.m.-noon. Registration forms available at or various Rockford sites.

CLIMBING: USA Climbing is sponsoring a free Climbing 101 clinic at The North Face, 875 N. Michigan on Saturday. Included is a rock climbing wall outside.

PERSONAL PICKS: I have a kid in the hospital, so my time is very short.

But I need to see the dedication of the launch by Mayor Daley. I spent too many years tracking that thing. And there's more stories to come from there. There is so much potential for that launch, and so much trouble to overcome. If it's overcome, it will be one of the great success stories of Chicago outdoors.

I hope to find the time to wander around Montrose for the Fishin' Buddies! event on Saturday. Some time, I would like them to do the sleep out thing there too. Now, that would be cool.

Wish I could talk about wading or stream fishing for steelhead, but it ain't happening for me this weekend.

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Do you have a time for the dedication?

Hope all is well with the little guy/gal in the hospital.


Mike, thanks for the concern. The little guy turned the corner a couple days ago.

I have been following this story on the Chicago launch for almost a decade. We'll find the time to see the dedication. Then hope the good vibes continue again after the dedication and the vandalism is truly halted.

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