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Chicago bighead: Add Columbus Park lagoon (confirmed)

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Gregory Hamilton (he's behind his grandson, Martise Hardeman) caught what appears to be a bighead carp from Columbus Park lagoon Friday evening. Biologists confirmed it is a bighead (sentence CHANGED).

The 42-inch fish with a 25-inch girth weighed 34 pounds, 11 ounces on the certified scales at Henry's Sports, Bait & Marine.

The tale of the catching by the 51-year-old Southeast Side man is worth hearing. He was fishing a crawler on a No. 2 hook and 10-pound line.

``At first I thought I got snagged on a log. When I saw it jump out of the water, I knew it was a fish and hollered.''

The day was extra memorable because he has his 14-year-old grandson along.

Hamilton, who gets around fishing rivers like the Kankakee and Mississippi, but never had a fish that big.

``I didn't even realize they had a fish that big in Columbus. It took me about 30 minutes. I didn't want to break my rod.''

That's understandable. He had just bought a new Shakespeare rod and reel.

Henry's is holding it in their cooler for the IDNR.

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1 Comment

Awesome job by Mr. Hamilton. Maybe someday we can get the carp and undesireable fish out of our lakes.

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