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Wild Sunday II: Look close

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In both this photo, and in our natural suburban/urban world.


There's much there. Like fawns with this doe wandering around Oak Park and recorded by Bill Fuhry.

He sent this note:

``So while I know finding a deer on the lawn in the suburbs isn't unheard of, it is a touch unusual in Oak Park, barely spilling over the Chicago border as it does. The forest preserve is a good mile through heavily traveled, dense residential area and across Harlem Ave. from where this photo was taken.

Spotted this doe and her 2 babies this afternoon, and was lucky enough to have my point-and-click camera next to me (I actually had my big-boy camera in the back, but feared startling the three if I got out to grab it).

I've seen possum, the occasional coyote and the usual avian suspects. But this I have never seen.''

i think the two fawns indicate what the future will hold, unless traffic manages the herd size. Not much surprises me any more in terms of wildlife in the neighborhoods and suburbs.

There's some wonder there when the creatures wander.

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