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White mulberries: Fantasy picks

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White mulberries?


So I'm picked the oldest boy up from his robotics class last night. And we're taking some of his friends home too. One, Marcial Anthony, said we had to get his brother, who was over by the white mulberry.

So I looked at them to see if they were using some teenage code on me, but no, he meant a mulberry tree with white fruit.

No, I have eaten my share of wild berries all over the country, including mulberries in I can only guess how many states. But I don't ever remember a white mulberry. Well Marcial picked some white ones while he was grabbing his brother.

They tasted like mulberries. Looked like mulberries.

Naturally, I Googled them and found there is a white mulberry, a non-native mulberry tree from China.

The California Rare Fruit Growers have more than you could ever want to know about mulberries, if you click here.

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