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Good luck walleye weekend

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Hadn't really intended it that way, but it turned into a walleye weekend. But lucky it did.


Well, I knew Saturday would be walleye with Scott Duncan and Mike Gofron on the Chain.

But so was Friday by default with Pete Riedesel on Heidecke Lake.

Duncan and Gofron invited me along to talk about the new style (catch, record, release) of tournament fishing in AIM, Anglers Insight Marketing.

And they were doing a bit of prefishing for the Charlie Chain tournament. Must have been good luck or good prefishing, Scott and his wife Tammy ended up winning the tournament today.

We prefished ``Suicide Alley,'' where we caught the most fish before the front blew in. Then the mouth of the lower river, and ended Saturday ahead of the rain on the upper river. Our best walleye went 16 3/4 inches.

I think we ended up with eight or nine between talking about AIM. Leeches worked better than crawlers. Rigs might have been slightly more productive than jigging, but that might have been the way Gofron was drifting or slow trolling.

That was coming off Friday morning on a blue sky day at Heidecke. Normally that is a dead day on Heidecke.

But Pete finally popped this walleye on the center dike on a blade bait. He pecked out about 10 fish to my one. I did entice one nice bass to blow on a topwater. Our fish included smallmouth, sheephead, walleye, hybrid stripers and warmouth. Nearly all the fish came on silver blades.

The carp had just started splashing shallow on the shorelines, normally a signal that the peak is coming on Heidecke.

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