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Rock River fish kill: Official update

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The IDNR has released preliminary figures for the fish on the Rock River. And I agree the numbers are likely on the conservative side because of the flooding and hot weather.

Below is the release:

IDNR Releases Preliminary Data on Rock River Fish Kill

Fish kill event one of the largest in Illinois history

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) today released preliminary data on this month's Rock River fish kill. The kill is believed to have started on Father's Day weekend two miles north of Grand Detour and ended nearly 50 miles down stream near Prophetstown.

IDNR fisheries biologists spent the next several days on the river counting, measuring and sorting affected fish into species. The investigation yielded a preliminary estimate of over 72,000 fish killed with an associated value of over $272,000. Biologists estimate nearly 37,000 game fish were killed, including catfish, smallmouth bass and walleye. It is estimated that over 34,000 commercial fish including buffalo and carp also were killed.

The IDNR considers these estimates to be very conservative. Extremely high temperatures contributed to the rapid decomposition of the fish, and flooding conditions along parts of the Rock River made it difficult to get a more accurate count.

The IDNR has already begun the process of speeding the recovery of the Rock River by stocking more than 50,000 young smallmouth bass. More stocking and relocating of fish is planned in the future to replenish commercial and recreational fishing opportunities.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is working with the Illinois Attorney General's office to pursue enforcement action.

That last paragraph is worth noting. This is a long way from over.

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Thanks for the update, keep us informed!!!

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