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Rock River: Fish kill

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Here's more on the Rock River fish kill.

Be aware the YouTube video is graphic in parts.

Peoria Journal Star's Jeff Lampe did an excellent job with his story Sunday. Click here.

There will be much more coming on this.

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It seems to me that whoever is found to be at fault for the train derailment should have to replace those fish - assuming that was the cause. Exxon spent millions restoring the environment in Alaska after they had an accident. I’m not sure how this is different. There should be restitution for the damage done and the cleanup. The state and local communities should not have to bear the cost of replacing those fish and cleaning up any mess.

While waiting for natural reproduction to replace the fish might work, the economic loss to the communities will mount while they wait for that to happen. The state should not have to worry about funding or finding extra fish. There are private hatcheries that can supply fish and whoever is found to be at fault should bear that cost. This would lessen the impact to the communities who will be hurt by the loss of money spent by fishermen going elsewhere by getting more fish back in that river sooner rather than later.

I'm not sure why the state is talking about funding or having fish left over for stocking that river. It shouldn't be their problem.

I read a newspaper article that said the water was tested and that no blame was attributed to the train wreck and accompanying spill; however, the testing was done two (2) days after the spill occurred! It is a river afterall, the current and volume of water could have drastically dissipated the pollutants in that amount of time - not answered in the article was "did they bother to test and sample the dead fish"?

I realize that the majority of the fish were rough fishes; but, there were other species involved and all were an asset that's been lost to those who recreate there.

Anyone find or hear of any fish dead above the '2 miles North of Grand Detour' area? I have a theory on cause of this 'Fish Kill' and it does not involve a ethanol spill.

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