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Rock River: Dixon area fish advisory

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There's a fish-eating advisory for the Dixon area of the Rock River.

Rock River Fish Kill Public advised not to eat fish until cause determined

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is advising the public of a fish kill on the Rock River between Grand Detour, north of Dixon in Ogle County, and the lower dam in Sterling in Whiteside County. The cause of the fish kill is not known at this time. The public is advised not to eat fish from this section of the river until the cause of the fish kill is determined.

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How horrible! The Rock River was just begining to be an excellent place to fish!

What about possible ground water contamination? Many people out there have well water. Is this going to be tested?

The cause and extent of the fish kill is being investigated. The obvious connection would seem to be the train wreck, but I don't know if those dots were connected yet.

I don't know the answer on the well water question, but it is a smart question.

I am very concerned that the river was not closed sunday after citizens were reporting the extent of this kill. People were recreating in the water, fishermen were catching fish, and people were swimming in these waters, and nobody closed the river. Also, the press has not asked what other chemicals besides alcohol were on this train. This weekend thousands of people will again recreate in one of the top natural spots in Northern Illinois, and there are no answers....This is borderline criminal, not on the part of big government, but the media who is not getting answers.

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