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LaSalle Lake: Fish kill beginning

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Pete Riedesel reported the beginnings of a fish kill at LaSalle Lake Tuesday morning. I'm tracking down more information.


Riedesel reported mostly dead shad (typical of fish kills on the cooling lakes) with some gamefish mixed in with the hundreds of dead fish around the launch area.

While hundreds of dead fish can give a grotesque look, that does not constitute a major fish kill. However, this is a bad setup for a potential major kill: low wind, high temperatures and high electric demand for several days.

Riedesel reported the launch area had already warmed into the lower 90s.

As of Tuesday morning, staff at Braidwood Lake reported no signs of a fish kill, though water temperatures there are in the 90s all over the lake.

I will repost if more information comes in. And I would expect more to come over the next several days.

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Ugh...not the walleye!!!

One of our instructors witnessed the same deal at Marquette Park lagoon today. There were around 100 panfish floating dead all over that lagoon. Lack of oxygen I presume.

If the fish kill was due to low Dissolved Oxygen level, we have a unique new solution.

Diatom algae can increase the DO level and diatoms are at the bottom of the food chain and are consumed by fish.

Our patented micro nutrient powder causes a very good bloom of Diatom Algae.

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