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Illinois black bear: More on roamer

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Here's more including a pretty cool photo of the black bear roaming NW Illinois.

That's the second black bear in Illinois in a year. Here's photos and some info on the first one, which was found roaming around Bureau County in December.

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Early last fall i believed i sited 2 small black bears in my back yard. there was 2 friends with me the time was small, but i'm sure they were not dogs or any other animal i can think of. It was lat dusk. I'm afraid for my granchildren more than myself. If I say something will there be some pinnacause because they've gone. I live in East Saint Louis, IL 62203 and there is a levy behing the house. This is my first time asking for help. I've never told my 87 year old mother its really her house. Ive said that to let you know that I believe you won't believe me because I'm black, poor and more things than you can imagine. So if you do not answer I'll understand and buy a gun.

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