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Chicago perch: A ray of hope

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So there was a small window at Montrose at dawn, literally.


Then the clouds cloaked the sunrise, and rain started spitting.

But that didn't stop Robert Sanchez Sr. with his 8-year-old son Robert. They simply put on rain gear and fished on. And they had one jumbo, another perch and a nice rock bass in their basket when I left the south rocks at 6:30 this morning.

The key for them catching more than most was soft shells.

Considering the revetment work has been done for years now at Montrose, shouldn't we find another name for the south rocks? I can't think of a good one, or I would already be using it.

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Perch fishing on the lakefront headlines Chicago Wild Weekend Wanderings. They're here. The crowd filled in slowly on the south side of Montrose harbor at 5 a.m. Thursday, but that will be different this weekend. Thousands will be perch fishing... Read More

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Today was the day that I finally witnessed the slaughter. Minnows were the key. Montrose yielded limits for many with a switch of th wind. Some perch were really nice. I measured three perch well over 15" today. Personally I did not do well. Only a few on jigs & nothing on shad raps. I was on the outside of Montrose from the jetty moving east halfway to the horseshoe. I feel an explosion coming on. This is the week, I hope!

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