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Chicago carp: Guided on the fly?

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A reader asked for a reference for a fishing guide in the Chicago area who guides for carp.

Now, there's a question. So far I have no answer.

I asked Paul Pezalla, owner of Wacker Baits & Tackle, LLC in Broadview, but he said,

``No, I do not. I think there is one in Michigan on Lake Michigan. He was in Chicago several years ago giving a seminar on carp at a fly shop.''

That rings a bell, but I can't place it. If you have an answer, post below or e-mail me at

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If I was still doing it, now is the time on the Fox. Sight fishing the slack water with cadis fly imitations.

Give him Bob Longs info. He might do it.

He did do a spot for local outdoors television on just that subject years ago.

guides no. but a few of the local fishing sites here can direct you to some people that really know what they are doing. A guy with the screen name Mississippipunk comes to mind.

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