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Chicago carp: Burnham bounty

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On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, 11-year-old Alexandra Martello was visiting her grandfather at Burnham Harbor. She was fishing with a kids pole, 6-pound line and a hot dog as bait. When . . . well, hang on.

Here's the word from proud dad Des Martello:

Dear Dale,My daughter Alexandra Martello Age 11 while visiting her Grandpa at Burham Harbor Sunday over the memorial holiday was fishing with a kids pole and 6 pound line landed this 34 inch carp estimate around 25 pounds using a hotdog as bait.She was just about to call it a day when this monster as she said almost pulled her in the lake.She was as you can see from the picture so excited.She loves to fish and i fish with her as often as we can.She has had a pole in her hand since she was 3.Hope this is in the running for the FOTW.

Didn't make Fish of the Week, simply because it became part of a column about youth fishing.

I loved the story and that somebody needed to hold the fish for the photo.

And Des' last two sentences sum up what I think is important in kids fishing..

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