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The mystery of St. Charles N. leading IHSA bass

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CARLYLE, Ill.--St. Charles North had reason to celebrate Friday.


The North Stars weighed the best bag of 10-8, to lead Moline by more than 2 pounds and 6 ounces at Carlyle Lake.


Derrick Hoffman's 4-11 largemouth was the best fish of the day at the IHSA bass fishing championship Friday.

It was a beautiful fish, anchoring the North Stars top bag of 10-8.

But otherwise, details were sketchy from the North Stars team of Hoffman, Cody Hansen and Ryan Fasbinder.

``We caught them on hooks and north of the dam,'' Hoffman said.

Coach Tim Pinks wasn't much more helpful.

``We came down last week and prefished [and found fish]. We left those spots alone [yesterday in official prefishing].''

He promised more details Saturday after the tournament ends.

Otherwise, it was a weather story.

Shortly after takeoff at 7 a.m. fog rolled in. Then a string of thunderstorms caused IHSA officials to call participants at 10 a.m. to warn them to stop and seek shelter, mostly at marinas. After a four-hour-plus delay, the tournament was halted because of high winds driving white caps.

That's when things really got interesting as officials tried to reconfigure and reschedule the
staged weigh-in.

Then there were the teams that thought because the tournament only lasted for three hours of fishing, at least four teams released their fish, assuming the rules were similar to sectional ones and the fishing would start from scratch on Saturday.

York and Andrew were among those teams.

York's Jeff Grainge said about four boats were sheltering in a marina when the call came that the tournament was ended.

``We all assumed we would start over tomorrow,'' he said. ``So we threw our fish back.''

They had two fish totaling 5-plus pounds.

``It is a shame,'' IHSA assistant executive director Dave Gannaway said. ``That is the reason you print out and read the terms and conditions before an event.''

Andrew's Eric Multon and Mike Oliosi thought they were doing the right thing releasing the fish near where they were caught.

``But complaining won't put the fish back in the live well,'' said Multon, who had caught a 2-pound-plus bass.

For the record, boats began launching into Carlyle before dawn, on a beautiful morning. And the formal launch of 52 boats in the world's first statewide high school bass fishing went flawlessly.

For the record, the Pontiac boat was the first to launch out at Dam West Marina at 6:55 a.m. Bradley-Bourbonnais weighed the first fish (1 pound) at 3:15 p.m.

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