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Small of the back: Heidecke evening

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MORRIS, Ill.--Heidecke Lake may be my favorite shore fishing spot.


And it delivered on four hours of companionship with my friend Pete Riedesel. That's him coming off the east bank minutes before the gate shut.

Fishing was tough. But we caught a few between life conversations.

I had a window of a couple hours Saturday afteernoon. Since the Kankakee River was blown out, I opted for Heidecke. On a whim, I called Pete, and he wanted to come along and walk the shoreline with me.

The water was much clearer, read tougher, than we had expected after the week of storms and rain. Considering the sline that is already building up near shore, if we get a couple warm days the shoreline slime will make running crankbaits very tough.

As it was, we had nearly four hours and used it to walk the entire distance of the center dike to the no-fishing sign, I think a 1 1/2 miles in and then back again.


Pete finally popped a small smallmouth, after more than an hour without a hit. Then I blew a good hybrid that hit right at shore. Blew it because I tried to horse it and flip it. I know better, but didn't do better.

Shore guys sitting and waiting with bait had some quality walleye on stringers. My patience is rarely good enough to sit with bait, so we walked and cast primarily Shad Raps, X-Raps, O crankbaits, Rapalas, various Rat-l-traps and Frenzies.

Far out the center dike, Pete popped a small walleye.


I didn't land a fish until the day was nearly done and I had this tiny largemouth eat a bait nearly as large as it near the southeast corner just past the bridge. But it counted. I wasn't skunked.

It was time.

Mainly I enjoyed the walk. Pete compared it to an afternoon of golf. I think it was better than that, even with only three fish.

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