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Rainy day bonus

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Here's why Mike Lynch is my kind of guy. Work was rained out Tuesday afternoon, so he went fishing at Heidecke Lake. The bonus was he happened to be there when it was stocked with walleye.


Here's details of one reason Heidecke may be our best walleye water.

I reached out to biologist Rob Miller for more. When he gets back to me, I will add his details.

Here is what Mike observed:

Well I was rained out this afternoon and decided to make the trip down to hedickee. When I was launching there was a DNR truck stocking 75,000 walleye fry from the lasalle hatchery and was on his way to stock a similar number in shabbona on his way home.

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That looks great! Gets me thinking about when the State is going to open Heidecke for ice fishing.

Yes, and not just for the walleye through the ice. A big hybrid, a muskie. Unfortunately, I don't think ice fishin is in the cards, and I try to ask about it every year.

Was out there on Memorial Day and we stuck a whole mess of walleyes just under the minimum length limit of 16".
Could be a sign of a certain year class coming up strong....not sure.

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