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Perch and charity bass top Weekend Wanderings

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I think it is the third year in a row that I am fishing Exelon Nuclear's ``Fishing for a Cure'' with Jim Giglio.


And as tough as fishing as been at Braidwood, there are some good bass caught every year, such as these being released by volunteers Jenna Hanson and John Daniels last year.

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Details ``Fishing for a cure'' and other weekend wanderings I think worth noting are below.

EXELON NUCLEAR'S ''FISHING FOR A CURE: The eighth annual charity bass tournament on Saturday benefits autism this year. As of Tuesday, some 70 teams were entered. Paul Dempsey said he will take signups through Saturday morning. You can call him today at (815) 417-3184 or show up at the south ramp and sign up Saturday. Details are at

LAKEFRONT PERCH: The perch will be in. There were a couple decent days, and other days were tough. They will be here.

I hope to hit either Montrose or Northerly Island for perch on Sunday or Monday.

BIRDS AND BEES: Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Wilmington is one of the great underutilized wild resources near Chicago. To get a taste of it, try taking some of the tours that begin Saturday: Birds West, 8 a.m. or Butterfly and Spider Walk, 10 a.m. Call (815) 423-6370 or go to

MAZONIA: I think this is the third weekend in a row I recommended the Mazonia lakes. I doubt that I will have a chance to put in time this weekend.

HEIDECKE: Again, I would keep Heidecke.on the radar, especially for hybrids and walleye. Not sure I will have a chance to fish it either.

WILD ASPARAGUS: On May 17, I went picking wild asparagus in southern Illinois for the first time.

It was so much fun that I am determined to find spears in northern Illinois. But so, far I have found 0. And I mean ZERO. Not even an old woody stalk. On Wednesday, I put in some serious driving time trying to find the right ditch in a couple counties. And nothing. There's too much obsessive mowing of ditches.

PERSONAL PICKS: Saturday I will be at the Braidwood tournament. My No. 2 goal for the weekend or Monday will be lakefront perch. No. 3 will be finding some wild asparagus. At this point, I am becoming obssessed.

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