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Hoodies and bass memories: Things you can't make up (link, photo added)

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So, I stopped by the Kroger's tonight and ended up back at Carlyle Lake.


Let me back track.

At the IHSA bass fishing tournament this weekend at Carlyle, I saw people running around in hoodies with a neat logo on them. And made a mental note to buy one as a piece of outdoor history, the world's first statewide high school bass fishing tournament.

Sprinting toward the press room after the final weigh-in Saturday, I remembered. So I found the IHSA trailer and bought one. At $35, they're overpriced, but they look good and are a connection to outdoor history.

Tonight, I dropped my boys off at karate and ran to Kroger's. It was just cool enough that i slapped the hoodie on before going in.

In the check-out line, the strapping kid bagging my groceries pointed at my hoodie and asked, ``Where you there?''

I said yeah and he asked which school I coached. I said I was there for the Sun-Times. And he said, ``I fished it.''

And I asked, ``Are you Nate Bass?''

And it was the kid from Bradley-Bourbonnais who weighed in the first ever bass at the IHSA's first state championship. He was still pretty excited by it all, the television cameras and everything.

With a name like that, I don't think it was an accident that he weighed the first fish.

I'm sorry, but I love this stuff.

I thought I had a photo of Bass from the weekend. If I find it, I will post it.

For general finals stuff click here. That gives options for things like patches too.

For the bass fishing hoodie, click here..

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They are great hoodies - I bought a hoodie for my son and around 10 t-shirts for all the fishermen in our family. When Billy and I got home we looked at the t-shirts with a little more detail and found out they spelled inaugural wrong - it was spelled innaugural.Oh well - one more "fish" story about the first IHSA fishing tournament.

If proceeds from shirts and hoodie sales go towards funding, and they sell them online, how about a link to where we could buy them?

I tried to find the link last night and couldn't. As soon as i get the link from the IHSA, I will add it.

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