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Grand final Morel of the Week

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The first year of Morel of the Week was short and sweet, but goes out with a bang.


Pat Stone of Munster, Ind. sent this find by Greg Starrett near Hanover in northwest Illinois on May 16.

MOTW was the suggestion of Ben Bultema earlier this month. And we thank him.

Here's Stone's tale:

Our friend Greg Starrett, found this morel (Hanover Il) last weekend (5/16th) it was over 1' (foot) and a little under 1 lb, no joke! I have too say we are all very sad :-( , we went up to Hanover again this passed holiday weekend and found only leavers :-( THE SEASON IS OVER!! or you can go way up north. To think that we have about 330 more days (weather, rain-snow-temp has a lot to do with it) until we are back out there looking, how depressing this that! Photo/video taken by Pat Stone of Munster, IN


I think the point is well taken, the end is here for morels around here.

However, I have been receiving some photos and nominations from farther north into Wisconsin. Not sure if I will expand it to include those or simply end it here for this year.

At any rate, nominations or observations may be sent to

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