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First Morel of the Week

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Ben and Leanna Bultema of Humboldt Park found morels last week, which led to another good idea: Morel of the Week. Ben gets honors with this photo from the south suburbs.


Earlier this week, Ben sent a note with photos about finally finding morels in the south suburbs. In a followup, he threw out this suggestion:

``We thought you should have a mushroom of the week during the hunting season. I attached a few more pictures. (not too make you jealous though, lol).''


I think that is an outstanding idea. I started running Fish of the Week a few years ago. During the peak of deer hunting, I run a couple months of Buck of the Week photos and stories. MOTW sounds like a natural addition.

If you have nominations, please send to

As to timing and normal posting, I don't know yet. And I don't know yet whether or not it will only appear online here or in the Sun-Times outdoors section on Wednesdays and Sundays. May depend how many photos come in, and how good they are.

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The first year of Morel of the Week was short and sweet, but goes out with a bang. Pat Stone of Munster, Ind. sent this find by Greg Starrett near Hanover in northwest Illinois on May 16. MOTW was the... Read More

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