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First Fish of the Week Video

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Thanks to Bill Barkstrom for this video of a Des Plaines River northern pike, caught Monday near Lemont. It was Fish of the Week, and becomes the first video FOTW posted on STRAY CASTS.

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It's really a shame when I can't allow my two boys (9 and 11) to watch a fishing video because of the vulgar content. The Sun Times aught to be ashamed to be associated with this.

Dale, I'm afraid that you have been duped.
This video is at least a year old, not from Monday.
I've seen it on along with the discourteous, mean-spirited attitude of this group of rabble-rousers that has gotten them banned from fishing message-board after message-board.

Raptor, not sure where all this is coming from. This entry is nearly a year ago and has up without comment until a couple hours ago. It's from May 27, 2009.

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