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Club record bighead arrowed

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The Cajun Archery team shot a 35-pound bighead carp, Bowfishing Association of Illinois record, on the DesPlaines River Saturday night.


Judd Hill (left) bagged the carp and had help holding it from Bob Paul. Chip Robb is the other member of the team, which was shooting upstream of the I-55 bridge during the Oneida 3 Rivers Championship held at Three Rivers Marina in Wilmington. (ADDS AND CHANGES MADE.)

Here's the report from BAI president Ed Devries:

Thought you might find this interesting. The BAI just completed its Oneida # Rivers Championship held out of the 3 Rivers Marina in Wilmington on the night of May 23rd.

Weather and conditions were great. The winning team from Cajun Archery, Bob Paul, Judd Hill and Chip Robb took a 35 lb Bighead Carp in the DesPlaines River several miles up stream from the I55 bridge in some slack water areas. Ill include a picture of it.

Many bighead carp are being harvested everyday now in the DesPlaines River by bowfishermen. They are really becoming thick in there.

They must have been in there for quite some time to get this big, and most others are over 20lbs. I wonder why the DesPlaines has so many bighead carp and the Illinois has so many more silver carp.

Anyway, thought you might like to see the pic. We also pulled several grass carp out weighing 25-30 lbs. The shoot was a great success.

Those are some good questions. If I find answers, I will give them.

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Has impact to other fisheries from silver and bighead carp been documented? Have the concerns about impact been justified yet by science or initial observation?

Thank you,

I will give a layman's answer. In part the data base is relatively small, so the evidence is still being gathered more than anything.

The most solid proof comes from the catch of commercial fisherman, as I understand it.

A couple years ago, I also checked with Bob Kidd who has run walleye tournaments on the Illinois for years, and there is some evidence of an impact on sauger and walleye. It is something I should check back with Kidd on again, it has been a few years.

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