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Technological bear scat

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WOODWARD, Pa.--It's reassuring in a bizarre way to see bear scat on the trail while turkey hunting.

It's almost as reassuring to have my wireless card work only a few miles from a deep woods cabin atop Sand Mountain.

I think.

Though there are times I enjoy the getting away and being in cell-phone coverage dead areas.

I had a few days get-away into one of those cell-phone dead areas in the mountains of central PA.

The turkey hunting has been slow. My dad and I saw and heard none Friday morning. Then had three cross the gravel road on our way off Shriner Mountain.

That's hunting.

Saturday morning my younger brother joined us and we had two different gobblers were gobbling, but not at us or for us.

The trout fishing was good for native brook trout (released) and factory-raised stocked rainbow trout (saved for the pan) on Rapid Run, White Deer Creek and Spruce Run (one of my all-time favorites waters).

Just before lunch Saturday, I came out of the woods and was surveying the overlook at the tower on top of Winklebleck Mountain when a local, one of the Zimmermans, joined me.

He has a chicken farm two valleys over. He was partially up on the mountain to hunt turkey, but mainly he was up to move a trail camera his son had placed along a deer trail.

``We see deer, bear, porcupines and bobcat,'' he said. ``At first, I didn't know what to think of trail cameras.''

I knew what he meant.

But wild technology kinda grows on you.

I know I could get used to like having this wireless connection.

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