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Bait shop notes

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John Rinchich is moving on but JJ's is staying in Bridgeview.

And ``Mac'' Sloan of well enough to be back at Mac's on 75th.


John was one of the top bass guys in the south suburbs, as the cake indicates

John while have a lot more time for bass fishing after he handed the keys to JJ's over to Mike Albertsen last week.


With help from Emmett.

Albertsen said the shop will stay put and keep going.


John and Pat will be on the move soon to Florida.


As to Mac, now he had something I never heard of. Nor had he until he had it, leptospirosis, ``yeah you probably never heard of it, it's rare for people to get..unless you're an outdoorsman.''

But he's back working at Mac's and said, ``If you could let the people know that I'm Very Thankful for all the cards and Well Wishes from my customers and friends to get better soon and to let them know I'm back at the shop and well enough to work again.''

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1 Comment

Congrats you lucky dog! I haven't been fishing or to your shop in a while, but I remember you were always very helpful. Thanks and God Bless.

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