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Waukegan perch (photos)

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Glad I got out to fish jumbo perch straight off Waukegan early this morning.

I went with Capt. Bob Jenkins of Challenger charters, his father Chuck and Capt. Jeff Miltimore.


I only had a few hours and we smacked fish on every drift. The best drift was the first one before dawn when we boated 19.


It was a beautiful morning to fish.

By the time we pulled out about 8:30, there were about 60 boats clustered in 55 feet straight out of the harbor.

There's a fresh batch of fillets.

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It was over thirty years ago I used to catch buckets full of these "jumbo's" from the piers. Ten it got to the point of rarely catching even one this size. I am SO glad they started the limits and time restrictions because the really big ones are appearing again thanks to those regulations!
Kudos to the DNR on limiting the perch, now everyone has a chance to bring home a decent catch even for us pier fishermen, we just have to wait a little longer for them to come in shallower !

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