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Wild Sunday: Snow and morels

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Last Sunday, you remember the snow Sunday, I finally dragged the younger kids out of the house for a walk.

As we passed one of our family's secret morel spots (first discovered by the oldest boy, now a junior, back when he was in grade school), my 7-year-old daughter asked if we could stop and look for mushrooms.

I started laughing looking at the patches of sloppy snow.

First off, it made me glad that she had made that connection to the natural world.


We found these on May 7 last spring.

Second it made me wonder how the progress of morel picking was going.

So I checked.

I first went to the sightings section on Morel Mania, Inc. And the first sightings were just starting in far southern Illinois.

Then PrairieStateOutdoors mentioned an O'Fallon man who found more than 300 morels early last week.

So I dug around a bit and found Wally Spiers column in the Belleville News-Democrat about Brad Feltman finding 335 morels near his home.

But O'Fallon, outside of St. Louis in St. Clair County, is in a different climate than the Chicago area.

How much snow are we to have again by the time the Sox open the baseball season tomorrow?

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