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IHSA bass fishing notes

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First the facts, the sectionals at LaSalle and Heidecke have been postponed again, this time for Tuesday when the weather looks better.

Second, I was caught off guard by St. Charles North coach Tim Pinks Friday. His boat of kids won the Shabbona Lake sectional on a 4.1-pound largemouth caught by Derrick Hoffman.


That's Pinks holding the sectional championship trophy with his guys.

But here's why I was caught off guard by Pinks.

Afterward, I was trying to get some insight from Pinks, who also coaches on the St. Charles North football team, on why they were fishing up in the no-motor zone at Shabbona. And he gave the usual explanation of expecting the water to warm quicker on the north end.

Then he drifted into just a wonderful free-assocation of why they were there. And i failed to get my tape recorder out in time to get it all.

The essence was all the signs of wildlife there: kingfishers, turtles sunning themselves, ``just a neat spot.'' My fault that you can't catch the complete feel of his sense of why they should fish there.

If you do enough outdoor stuff (hunt, fish, hike), you know what he was saying, there are times you just sense or smell that this is ``The Spot.''

His comment reminded me of back in the early and mid 90s when I had the high school baseball beat for a couple different newspapers.

I just used to love to talk with LT's baseball coach Terry Sullivan or Montini's Bill Leeberg, both English teachers who could drift out of normal coach speak on any given day and wander into some strange lands.

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My son is on the Sandburg fishing team and is responsible for starting the team despite being told by various adminstrators at school it would not work - but my son did not give up. This did not surprise me because my son - Billy - is a childhood cancer survivor - leukemia which required a bone marrow transplant to survive.He has learned you can not give up. He found two wonderful coaches - Mr Plaiser and Mr Corcoran - and the Principal Ms. Boniface who gave him the opportunity to start a fishing team.The team received no funding from the school - this was all supported by the boys and coaches (and parents).This fishing team has been very dear to our family - because when other kids were on various traveling teams - Billy was still recovering and almost lost a few times - but fishing was the only acitivty he could tolerate. He still has a battle ahead - his kidneys were damaged by the chemo and radition and he eveutally will need dialysis and/or transplant. Hopefully his kidneys will wait until after college. As a mother I do wish Billy was on the boat that brought in the fish to qualify - as he already has had many hard lessons to learn in his young life - but we are very proud of John and Brent - they have been great friends to Billy throughout his ordeal. Mr Plaiser and Mr Corcoran - thanks for believing in the team - so guys- bring home the hardware.

My son is on the St. Charles North fishing team, so I know how special kids like ours are. All I can say is Keep fishing Billy, you are a winner in my eyes!

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