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Heidecke opening morning

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I only had a couple hours this morning, so I spent it casting the wind-blown shorelines on the east bank in hopes of a big walleye or muskie.


The parking lot was full, but not overflowing, for bank fishermen. There was a good knot of fishermen around the bridge. I only saw one fish caught, from a distance it looked like a fair hybrid.

I was alternating between a big Rapala and a small white Bull Dawg. Didn't even have a follow that I saw.

Steve Anderson, proprietor of Graybeard's, said he didn't hear much either. He said the water temp was 47.

Even so, cold water and all, considering everything going down with the newspaper, it was just good to focus on the basics of casting for a few hours.

By 9, white caps were driving boaters off the lake and the spray made it hard to fish from shore on the wind-blown side.

It was time.

I'll be back.

Heidecke is one of those places I can hit for an hour or two if I have a small window to fish. Like this morning, when I needed to be back to pick up my youngest from preschool.

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Heidecke is an awesome lake...give it time to warm a little.

On 4/2, a 42-inch Musky C&R'ed by a guy from my site. No photo - says he didn't have camera on him.

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