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Springing bowfishing records from backwaters

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The Bowfishing Association of Illinois reported two bowfishing records in its spring opener out of Three Rivers Marina in Wilmington.


A Bowfishing Association of America record white sucker was taken by 16-year-old bowfisherwomen Liz Kovel of Minooka.


Bill Runchey won the shoot with his 18.2-pound smallmouth buffalo, a BAI club record.

Here's a more complete report from Ed Devries:

The Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois had its spring opener club shoot on April 10th, and while the winds were pretty bad with 30mph gusts, we still had a pretty good shoot.

Bill Runchey won the shoot with his 18.2 lb smallmouth Buffalo. The buffalo is a new BAI club record.

Also, a new BAA (Bowfishing Assoc. of America) record white sucker was taken by 16 yr old bowfisherwomen Liz Kovel of Minnoka Illinois. As the state dont keep bowfishing records they are officially kept with the BAA. We also keep our own club records. It weighed 5.6lbs. Liz has been bowfishing with her dad Frank Kovel for several years now and is a heck of a shot.

He added a couple details in a follow-up e-mail

It was held out of the 3 Rivers marina in Wilmington. We bowfished the DesPlaines, Kankakee rivers and the Back Waters at DCA from dusk till 11;30 pm. All the fish records were taken at the backwaters.

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Make it yet another bowfishing record for Illinois, and another from a girl.... Read More


Cool story and you can find a bowfishing forum at

Nice shooting, Elizabeth. Congratulations. Nice picture too.

Congrats Cuz! You are ten times cooler than I will ever be.

Great job, Liz! Whens the fish fry?

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