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District 230 makes history with bass fishing

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Add another first for the historic start to high school bass fishing in Illinois. District 230 held its first bass fishing tournament on April 4.


Congrats to the Andrew team of (left to right) Eric Multon, Robert Pohlman and Mike Oliosi, who won it with a five fish limit weighing 9.47 pounds, including a big anchor fish of 3.86 pounds. Multon caught four of the keepers, Pohlman caught the kicker fish.

Do you have any idea how much pleasure I get out of writing that? And how envious I am that I missed such an opportunity in high school by 30 years.

Here's more on the tournament by the south suburban school district, held on the Kankakee River out of Des Plaines Conservation Area near Wilmington.

First some general stuff.

The IHSA will make history with the world's first state-wide high school bass fishing tournament this spring. Sectionals are April 24 at sites around the state. The first state finals will be held at Carlyle Lake on May 8-9.

They updated the school entries a week ago. Originally, 214 schools signed up, now it is 199.

All I know is I can't wait.

So I loved this report from Andrew teacher and coach Jimmy Flynn. And I think he makes a key point at the end.

Victor J. Andrew Brings Home the Title in the First Ever District 230 Bass Fishing Tournament

On April 4, 2009, Consolidated High School District 230 (Carl Sandburg, Victor J. Andrew, and Amos Alonzo Stagg) hosted its first annual Bass Fishing tournament on the Kankakee River (DesPlaines Conservation Area). Each school was allowed two boats, and in each boat were a coach and two fishermen. The tournament rule's meeting was at 6:15 a.m. in which the rules, procedures, and regulations were covered to ensure each student's safety, while at the same making sure each student had a memorable, enjoyable experience. The boats took off at 7:30 a.m., and the fishermen fished until 2:30 p.m.; in the end, Victor J. Andrew High School was victorious, bringing in a five fish limit weighing 9.47 pounds.

The Sandburg Eagles, coached by Scott Plaiser and James Corcoran, mentored six fishermen today: Mark Hanson, Brent Kondziolka, Andy Nolan, Mike Hansen, Billy Rivard, and Anthony Panagopoulos. The Eagles hooked a couple largemouth bass but were unable to score a keeper. Most of their fishing was done in backwater areas, flipping laydowns and throwing rattle traps near visible cover.

The Stagg Chargers, coached by Brian Jackson and Coach Banik, competed well by scoring three keepers in Boat 1 and one keeper in Boat 2. The fishermen who competed in Boat 1 were Brandon Weber and Frank Lauth; their weight for three fish was 5.67 pounds. Competing in boat 2 were Walter Brzoska and Matt Anchor; their weight for one fish was 3.25 pounds. Stagg's alternates were Jon Williams and Alex Beebe. Most of Stagg's fishing took place at discharges where the fishermen threw crankbaits and tubes near warm water; some fish were also caught in cold water near current breaks.

The victorious Andrew Thunderbolts--coached by John Bartgen--entered one boat into the District 230 tournament, and his team performed wonderfully. Captain of the Andrew Bass Fishing team--senior, Eric Multon--led the Thunderbolts by scoring 4 out of the 5 keepers in route to a victory. The other keeper, a 3.86 pound pre-spawn largemouth, was caught by Robert Pohlman who was ripping a rattle trap off of a main river point. The Thunderbolts third participant, Mike Oliosi, will look to regain his efficiency during the next tournament.

Coach Bartgen commented on Mike Oliosi's performance, "Mike did a great job for us today, even though he didn't bag any keepers. Some days are tough; Eric was sticking fish on plastics, so Mike kept throwing the typical pre-spawn, moving baits. I think today was a good learning experience for my guys. Although Mike didn't catch any keepers, he did his job. This was a true team effort today." The Thunderbolts focused most of their fishing in backwaters, flipping laydowns. Occasionally, a rattle trap off a point picked up a keeper bass, thus the 3.86 female Robert Pohlman caught off a point. The Thunderbolts fished water that was 3 to 4 degrees warmer than the main river channel (ex: cuts, channels, marinas, backwaters, etc). Although not as many fish were caught on rattle traps or cranks as originally anticipated, Eric Multon came through for the Thunderbolts as he flipped his way to earn his team a first place finish.

Congratulations to all participants from all schools in District 230 for a job well done! For the first ever District 230 tournament and for 15 athletes and 5 coaches who worked hard and had fun, the tournament was a great success! I am certain that Bass Fishing in Illinois will continue to prosper if the schools, students, parents, and the IHSA continue to push and promote its advancement. Fishing is more than tournaments; its being a humanitarian and an environmentalist; it is learning about nature, catching fish, and making memories. Kudos to the schools and to the IHSA for taking the initiative and being the first state in the country to promote Bass Fishing as an activity educationally worthy of school participation. Keep up the good work, and keep working hard!!!

Now I am trying a first here, and post the results Flynn sent in something of a format. With luck it will show up OK.

Consolidated High School District 230 Bass Fishing Tournament
April 4, 2009
Des Plaines Fish and Game Conservation Area

School I; Boat A
Amos Alonzo Stagg
Brian Jackson
Anglers # of Fish Big Bass Late Deductions Dead Fish Total Weight
1. Matt Anker
2. Walter Brzoska 1 3.25 0 0 3.25

School I; Boat B
Amos Alonzo Stagg
Brian Jackson
Anglers # of Fish Big Bass Late Deductions Dead Fish Total Weight
1. Brandon Weber
2. Frank Lauth 3 2.72 0 0 5.67

School II; Boat A
Victor J. Andrew
John Bartgen
Anglers # of Fish Big Bass Late Deductions Dead Fish Total Weight
1. Mike Oliosi
2. Rob Pohlman 5 3.86 0 0 9.47
3. Eric Multon

School III; Boat A
Carl Sandburg
Scott Plaisier
Anglers # of Fish Big Bass Late Deductions Dead Fish Total Weight
1. Mark Hansen
2. Anthony Panagopoulos 0 0 0 0 0
3. Brent Kondziolka

School III; Boat B
Carl Sandburg
James Corcoran
Anglers # of Fish Big Bass Late Deductions Dead Fish Total Weight
1. Anydy Nolan
2. Mike Hansen 0 0 0 0 0
3. Billy Rivard

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