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You caught that where? And paper views

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Todd Carlander sends regular tips, admonitions, ethical posers (particularly regarding flatheads) and just stuff with a sly sense of humor embedded.


Say this picture of a pair of nice crappie, caught somewhere near Wolf Point--depending on how you define Wolf Point and which side of the rivers you call Wolf Point--downtown. And you may notice the new (well, a few years old) Sun-Times building in the background.

Now the North Side fisherman didn't exactly say he caught the crappie, but I have a pretty good idea where he did.

I like that the Sun-Times is still on the water.


This is probably my favorite shot of the new Sun-Times offices, taken on my birthday last summer. The new offices are right by a decent fishing spot, and half a block from one of the best fishing spots downtown (but you can't reach it from shore.)

The old Sun-Times was on the water so they could bring in rolls of paper from the river. I wish I could find some of my shots of the old Sun-Times, where I used to try to catch crappie off the docking pier for one of the tour boats. Now the Trump Tower is there and the romance is gone.

Not that the square box of the old Sun-Times was ever a building for romanticizing other than the stuff going on inside. For awhile the preps sports corner had a view down the river out to the lake (quite distracting for somebody like me) where Mike Royko used to have a desk.

I did dig up a nice shot of that Gothic monstrosity, the Tribune Tower. Despite what Geoffrey Baer says on his tours for WTTW, I don't care for it. Plus I just think the look of the Tribune Tower fits with the type of paper the Tribune is. (Or should that be was.)

So I didn't post it.

Some mornings I just wake up feeling squirrelly.

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Gosh if Todd can catch Crappies in the river. The Crappies all must be committing suicide.
Ken Schneider

(nice going Todd)

Oops, there goes another spot. Those aren't catfish Todd.

I'm sick of temperatures below 40 degrees but if you steer clear of the mud, walking along the Skokie Lagoons was cathartic. The water seemed too cold for any serious bass fishing but listening to Ken "The Lip" Schneider go on about all of the Chicago area's great spots and his knowledge of them was both informative and entertaining.

Hey, I saw Todd catch fish when no one else could well, except for me of course, Bill Ervin
Go Buckeyes

Nice pair of crappies, Todd. I hope they're on a comeback. That would be something to celebrate! Cheers to Dale.

Nice pair of Crappies there my old friend! Hit me up sometime. I have some great stories.

Bill E. and Charles S., where the heck you boys been all these years?
Good to hear from you both. Email me:

Hey TC my good friend, I have been trying to get in touch with you. But as you can tell no such luck. My Email address is chuckraver
Please shoot me a quick note. Or call me 760-718-5027 cant wait to hear from you bro...

Chuck Schultz??

Yes, I think I remember draggin' you outta the Chicago River many years ago!

Good to hear from you man.

Man, I thought we caught the only living carp in the Chicago river.and now there are crappie? Amazing. I wish we had been successful with the taxidermy experiment.
Ha Ha. Later. B.Ervin- Ohio

Yeah, the Chicago river has come a long way since those old times in Logan Square Bill (You wouldn't recognize a lot of the old neighborhood either btw).

Remember the Deep Tunnel project they were always blasting away on back then? That did a lot to lessen the amount of raw wastewater going into the river. The fish have come back as a result.

Two or three years ago, an old timer walked up just as I landed a beautiful bright orange goldfish downtown (not far from the above pic). He looked for a moment, and said incredulously, "Wow, Ol' man Daley was right!", shaking his head in disbelief as he walked away. For those of us who grew up along the North branch in the days of sickly cancerous carp, that kinda said it all.

Mr. Bowman, who writes this log, has compiled a list of the number of species that has been's well over thirty now, I believe.

Still waiting for that email.

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