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Wild Saturday: Talking turkey

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Don Dziedzina of Illinois Outdoors fame said his wife Judy and their daughter Lisa spotted a big tom turkey that had traffic stopped on 159th in Homer Glen Friday.

He suggested, ``This is the closest to urban Chicagoland that I've heard of anyone spotting a wild turkey.''

That's a tough call: Over the years, I've had readers report and send photos of turkeys around the Palos area, in and around Hinsdale and in southeast Cook County.

The question is always whether or not they are truly wild birds, that's especially true of the turkeys in the Hinsdale area. The ones in southeast Cook could have easily come from the stocking of wild birds east of Crete.

But either way, Don's note is worth reading about the turkey crossing the road, or Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

Well, maybe to get to the Ace Hardware store.

Dateline Friday, March 27, 2009 at about 10:00 AM.

Location, 159th Street just west of Will Cook Road in Homer Glen.

Today my wife Judy and daughter Lisa spotted a big tom taking his time walking across 159th Street at about 12100 west strutting towards the Ace Hardware store parking lot.

There was no mistake as I just got a big full color Tom decoy from Bass Pro Shops and they said it was identical with colorful head and huge body.

My daughter said that traffic was tied up as so many cars stopped to watch it cross the street taking it's sweet time and check everything out as it mosied along.

This is the closest to urban Chicagoland that I've heard of anyone spotting a wild turkey.

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Dale, I hear stories like this and wonder why am I travelling so far to get a bird this spring? I do realize though that getting a Will County turkey permit is tough. Chances are better if one goes to more rural areas.

Wish us luck... Rich Komar, Ray Ludkevicz, Jim DaRosa and I all have second season permits for Franklin County. We will be hunting grounds where the birds are plentiful. The goal is not only for each of us to harvest a bird, but also to get them all on tape for a new Illinois Outdoors TV Show.

Good luck to you in your turkey hunting Dale.

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