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Quick shots of the river flooding

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I took a quick spin this morning to see some of the flooding along the Kankakee River, one of many Chicago-area rivers in significant floods.


Somewhere under the roiled water, I promise, is the Kankakee dam.

The best overview for nearby river conditions I have found is here at the NWS site.

Other notes:

Most notable is the forecast for the Illinois River to crest about a foot shot of record stage at LaSalle on Thursday.

What's worrisome about that is how common floods of that magnitude are becoming on the Illinois. If my memory is right, that's two floods within less than a year that neared the all-time record.

That's not an encouraging comment on climate change or, more importantly, the development and farming practices along upstream rivers like the Fox, DuPage, Des Plaines and Kankakee.

Here's one of my favorite Kankakee fishing spots.


Beyond here, where the road ends in the water, is the old busted up Aroma Park dam.

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Not the best wading conditions!

23" Smallie came out from under the merry go round to smack my crawdad imitation!

What does the river look like up river from Momence, around River Isle?

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