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More on more McKinley Park bigheads

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Mike Conlin double-checked with one of the biologists at Havana and agreed with everybody else that the photos taken by Carlos De la Pena Jr. at the McKinley Park lagoon on Tuesday were dead bighead carp..


De la Pena took the photos during the cleanup of the winter fish kill at McKinley Park.
The original post was here.

Conlin, chief of the IDNR's office of resource conservation, said pretty much what he said about the large dead bigheads found during the renovation work at the Lincoln Park lagoon at the zoo. That story was here.

He suspects they most likely either came along with a stocking of channel catfish from a southern fish farm or were a ``cultural release.''



It is not surprising that more bigheads were in McKinley Park lagoon. Within the past six years, three large bigheads have been confirmed there.

After the first one was caught in 2003, biologists made a massive sweep over the lagoon, but found no evidence of other bigheads.

But Conlin said it is not unusual. Other bigheads might have been missed--they are a very strong and tough fish--or may have come later.

And he was not terribly worried, because the lagoon is a contained pond. And there is no evidence of reproduction.

Here's De la Pena's original note:

Just wanted to fill you in on my discovery this afternoon at McKinley Park on the southside of Chicago.

There was apparently a major winter fish kill at McKinley Park Lagoon!
Today I assisted a gentlemen that works for the a company called Aramark, his job entitles him to remove dead fish and debris from the shoreline of several city park lagoons.

I noticed that there were several Large dead Asian Bighead carp along the shoreline and I immediately flag him down and told him that those are invasive species. I recommend that he inform his boss so that they can contact the IDNR. I counted about five 25+ lb Asian bighead carps along the northern shoreline near the fishing pier.

I tried to call the IDNR but I didn't get an answer from those guys and I also left a voice message for Bob Long Jr at the Park District office informing him of what I witnessed.

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Hello Mr. Bowman

I just wanted to give you an update since my last email.

After reviewing the 2009 Illinois Fishing information booklet, I was able to locate at phone number on page 49 to report what I witnessed.

"Report new sightings–note exact location;
Freeze specimen in a sealed plastic bag; and
call the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program

I called at about 7:30 am and left a message explaining what I witnessed with a gentleman there that stated to me that some one would call me back later. I did not have high hopes of anyone calling me back, but luckily a young lady did return my phone call. She stated to me that the DNR was already notified and asked whether I had the fish in my possession? I state that I only had video and pictures of the event, which said was fine. She was very courteous and thanked me for reporting it, I was very thankful for her going out of her way and addressing my concerns & for returning my call promptly!

Thanks once again Mr. Bowman! I actually found one more today floating along the shoreline. I once again videotaped the fish and here is a link to it on youtube:

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