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Fishing adds for weekend

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I would keep LaSalle Lake as the top weekend destination, and add Fremont, Wis. for open-water walleye.

Bill Anderson hit a packed LaSalle yesterday and his report and photos mirrors all the good ones from opening day on Sunday. Unfornately, I don't think the stupid 4 p.m. close will change before next weekend at the earliest.

And Fremont guide Bill Stoeger--(920) 570-1187--just called to say the Wolf River is open in Fremont and he pulled a limit of walleye yesterday.

Below is Anderson's e-mail, including an important notes for those driving in off Interstate 80:

We had a great Day at LaSalle. We started catching fish on the north side (not in the discharge chute) right away. From 6:30am until the sun popped out for a few minutes around 10:00am, almost every cast resulted in a fish. We lost count of the 12 to 15 inch Bass we caught but we did manage a couple real nice ones. We both caught a couple Stripers, a bunch of tiny catfish, and a few Drum. Mike Matlock was catching them on a 7 inch Power Worm and I was throwing crank baits. Once the sun made its brief appearance, that killed the hot bite. We caught fish after that, but they were fewer and farther between. We weren't the only ones catching fish either. We never made it into the discharge.

When we left around 1:00 pm, the lot was almost full. Trailers were lined up
along the back exit road.

One thing to note: for those that get to the lake off of I-80, there is
construction taking place on the bridge going over the IL river. Use caution
and slow down in that area because during the daylight hours, they have it
down to one lane and there are workers and big trucks present on the bridge.

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Good Morning, I had read in the paper that the Walleyes have been hitting on the Wisconsin River and Keepers. Have you heard about Castle Rock Flowage if the Walleyes are Hitting there and what Bait they are Using and where if you have heard? Thanks and keep up the Great Work. Mike

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