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Does focus of deer hunting recommendations

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Harvesting of does remains the target of the deer hunting recommendations making the way through IDNR. The big change would be an extended nine-day January antlerless gun season.


This doe was eating outside Pyramid SRA a few summers back.

Personally, I think this is the single greatest challenge facing new IDNR director Marc Miller, even greater than the funding and staffing issues.

Not ever will everyone be pleased with new deer regs.

Below are the basic recommendations, via a good source.

1) Make an extended nine-day January season for antlerless deer for firearm hunters.

2) The difference would be bowhunters would also be able to hunt in this season (currently their season ends just before the three-day late-winter season) and take both antlered and antlerless.

3) These permits would be sold over the counter, including being unlimited in a few counties in some counties where the biologists hope to reduce the doe numbers.

4) Maybe sell unsold firearm and muzzleloader deer permits OTC.

5) Youth season permits would be sold OTC, and not be county-specific.

6) Despite the recommendation for the deer task force to add another day for gun season, that won't happen.

These recommendations have not been officially submitted yet, but this is the likely format.

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Personally, I think the proposed changes are good. Extending the anterless season is very beneficial in areas where you need population control. This prevents deer numbers from increasing to a number where they become a real issue for farmers and reduces the number of deer related motor vehicle accidents. I live in a populated area within a city that had a deer population problem. The issue came to head when we experienced a rash of terrible traffic accidents involving deer (including a mother/daughter fatality). The municipality (along with the state) created a special season for bowhunters only where they could only harvest does. The following year, deer related traffic accidents went down just over 50%. Population control works.

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