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Borrowed hook: No trust on IDNR fees

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Tim Rodiek is one of the better fishermen on the Chain, and an all-round outdoorsman.

A few times a year the Elk Grove Village man sends thoughts or questions. I thought this was worthy of a ``Borrowed Hook,'' another view on the proposed hike in outdoor fees from Gov. Quinn and IDNR director Marc Miller.

Here's Rodiek's question and take.

Your asking me to TRUST another politician? Our new Governor has been in office about 5 minutes and you want me to bless him for raising the prices on everything I love and do in this state? How about they recover some of the money stolen and wasted by past political officers over the years.

I now pay $60 a year for a pass to use the chain and we should support another usage fee tax?

I can see charging a launch fee at Chain O Lakes State Park. I can see raising a few of the other fee's but how much more can the middle class pay? I live in Elk Grove Village. They just raised our food tax to 10% along with a bunch of other taxes. Our new beloved Governor wants to raise my Illinois state income tax by over $500. a year. Our new president in the next 4 years will raise my income tax over $5,000.00 if he gets his way.

Our last governor is on his way to jail and the one before him is in jail.

We have a senator that has been placed in office that could not tell the truth about what day of the week it is or anything else.

Pat Quinn seems like a decent guy but he is going to have to earn my trust over a long period of time. The way to do that is not to reach in my wallet before he even turns the lights on in his new office.

In case anyone forgot, we are in a recession and many many people are out of work and cannot afford these fees. Where I work they just layed of almost 50% of my department, told us no pay raises or bonus but you want me to trust another bandit that wiggled his way into office?

No Dale, I will not support any of this crap until someone proves to me he is honest and will do the right thing.''

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