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Quinn opens door to IDNR with Miller

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill.--Gov. Quinn opened a new era in Illinois outdoors on Thursday, appointing Marc Miller to head the IDNR.


The feeling was almost giddy outside the governor's office in the capitol with the announcement and from a multitude of conservation groups.

Miller was senior policy advisor for Quinn, specializing in environmental and conservation issues, after working for Prairie Rivers Network from 1999-2004.


Here's a sampling of response from the capitol and across the state.

Former IDNR director Brent Manning:

``Governor Quinn is batting 1000, Absolutely a great choice, Marc is a sportsman, professionally trained, experienced in Conservation Congress and a very bright young man. I wish him the very best and am willing to help in any manner needed.''

From Jack Darin, Director, Sierra Club, Illinois chapter:

``By making the IDNR Director his first Agency appointment, in his first week as Governor, Quinn is sending a powerful signal that the mission of the DNR to protect our natural resources is critical to our well-being and our economy.''

From Aaron Kuehl, Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever Director of Conservation for Illinois,

``I'm pleased to see the natural resource background and credentials of our new director. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters across the state look forward to working with Director Miller and the entire DNR to restore the proud traditions of conservation, hunting, and angling to Illinois.''

Eric Freyfogle, a member of Prairie River Network's board of directors,

``Miller is an especially sound choice because he knows the Governor, knows the issues, and has sensible judgment. He'll work hard to conserve nature, yet ensure that conservation benefits the people of Illinois, today and in the future. He'll hit the ground running.''

From Scott Bryant of the Migratory Waterfowler Hunters, Inc., who was surprised to be invited:

``One thing I know is there will be an open door policy, unlike the past six years.''

That alone be may the greatest gift Miller can deliver, restoring the dialogue.

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Sportsmen across the Land of Lincoln can finally rejoice in something positive, after years of bad news and a decimated IDNR.
We've already discussed among sporting groups that it may take years to un-do the damage that has been done.
Have patience, give your support and as a team we can make it work.
Don't put all of the pressure on one person to start performing miracles right out of the gate.
Marc will need all of us to help him produce positive results in a most difficult situation.

Somebody correct me.
Does Marc have to be approved by the Legislature? If so, will that be a problem?
Be nice if not, but I thought that was the routine.
Otherwise, what would have stopped the former Governor from putting his brother in that spot.
Has to be some kind of checks and balances.

Miller will need to be approved by the Senate, which will be a formality, unless there's some skeleton.

Lets cross our fingers.

Write letters to your Illinois State Senator supporting Marc Miller's appointment. I did.

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