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Granberg out; Miller in?

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As expected since Pat Quinn became governor, Kurt Granberg is out as IDNR director.

Two good sources and my gut says Marc Miller will be in.

An annoucement is expected after a 2:30 p.m. news conference by Gov. Quinn tomorrow afternoon in Springfield.

Miller earned his stripes as senior policy advisor for Quinn and before that with Prairie Rivers Network.

Granberg, a former Downstate legislator, resigned his seat just before the Illinois House voted to impeach former Gov. Blagojevich. Then on Jan. 16, Blagojevich named Granberg IDNR director, earning him a bump of more than $40,000 in pension.

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It stunk when Rod Blagojevich, just days before the the disgraced former Illinois governor was tossed from office, appointed Kurt Granberg to head the IDNR.... Read More


Granberg introduced legislation to make it illegal for pols to enjoy such ill-gotten gains in retirement.

Of course, he is grandfathered in under the old rules though.

Think he'll show some integrity, and disqualify himself from collecting that inflated pension that is based on what? -ONE WEEK service as DNR Director?
After all, this is exactly what the legislation he sponsored addresses.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

I am glad Granberg is out. But what a travesty he got to keep that bump up of $40,000. I wish he could be put away like Blago. Granberg has no conscience.

I thought he had to hold the position for 29 days to qualify for the pension uptic.

It's still good news that there will be a change.

Now to tackle the really big issues dedicated funding and a commission to oversee the department.

I got a response from Marc Miller the other day via email. He was towing the line that a "natural resources professional" was going to be picked.

I don't know why he didn't include himself in that.

Hope it happens.

Marc's achievements in conservation are indisputable, and his qualifications are off the scale.
He's been a friend of mine for the last decade or so, but even if I didn't know Marc I would still make a strong recommendation based on his history and abilities.

If ever there was a "conservation professional", Marc fits the bill as well as any you'll find.

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