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Father and son clean up Fish of the Week

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It was a good clean bet between Brad Remington and his son Riley.


The end result was this 5.6-pound largemouth caught by Riley, fine enough for Fish of the Week, and kitchen duty for Remington.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday. An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday (I'm running late today).

Here's the set-up from Brad.

``While out ice fishing on lake galena with my son riley last weekend,we made a bet that the biggest fish caught would clear that person from kitchen duty that night.I breached the ice with a nice bass that went just over 4 lbs! I thought i was in for a relaxing evening!a couple hours later he landed this brute that went 5.6 lbs!!! dinner and clean up was on me that nite!!! caught a totall of 14 fish that day!!! It was a really nice outing!''

As a dad, all I can say is, it sure sounded that way.

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