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Bighead (no, grass carp) up the Fox

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A dead bighead carp was found floating on the Fox River near Montgomery on Saturday. Upon farther review, as the commenter noted, and several professionals agreed, it is a grass carp.


Don Rego, president of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance, reported the find. He said the IDNR will be notified within a day of the 36-inch carp.

The Dayton Dam had been considered a block to the advance of Asian carp--bigheads and silvers--on the Fox from the Illinois River. Many are stacked up below the Dayton Dam.

A floating dead carp doesn't necessarily signify anything. It could be a rogue fish or a bad joke by an angler who snagged it at Dayton or Starved Rock and took it upstream.

Or as it apparently turned out, be a grass carp.

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1 Comment

The pictured fish is a Grass Carp.
An invasive species, to be sure, but also widely stocked in sterile form for weed control.
Pretty good chance that this fish is a stocked triploid (sterile) fish that was transported into the Fox by high water.

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