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Talking Blagojevich/Granberg

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A veteran outdoorsman pulled me over at the Boat Show Sunday and asked what I knew about Kurt Granberg. This about an hour after another friend had called from the Hammond Outdoor Show wondering the same thing.

That you have to ask that question is all you need to know about the appointment by Gov. Blagojevich of Granberg to head the IDNR.

In 20-plus years in the General Assembly Granberg did nothing memorable for Illinois outdoors. In fact, dug the story about how he tried to have Eastern massasauga rattlesnake removed from the endangered species list so a resort could be built at Carlyle Lake.

I will discuss Blagojevich/Granberg with Mike Murphy at 1:30 today on The Score (670-AM).

That Murph, a guy who hits a state park a couple times a year, invited me on says just how much this touches the general public, not just those of us who are hard-core fishermen/hunters/hikers/birders, etc..

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