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Statewide take on Granberg

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Here's a sampling of the statewide take on the appointment of former Downstate legislator Kurt Granberg by Gov. Blagojevich to head the IDNR.

I am pleased to see such a wide opinion that this is an unqualified selection, which will quickly earn Granberg a significant jump in pension benefits.

The AP story on what this does for Granberg's pension and other things is posted in many places, but to see the most extended version click here for the link to the State Journal-Register.

Click here for my earliest entry in STRAY CASTS, and I stand by it, when Granberg was first named IDNR director on Jan. 16.

I think the editorial writer for the Rockford Register Star nails it here.

Granberg trys to explain himself in The Southern here.

Granberg tries to explain his selection to here.

Another entry at is here.

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I writing to my senator to that Mr Granberg's appointment is blocked. If you don't want to buy a stamp then send an e-mail to your senator.

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