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Ransom snowy owl

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Robert Kelly caught this snowy owl near the border of Grundy and LaSalle counties.


``I have seen this bird 3 times now 1st time with a camera ready. Location is 2 miles NNE of Ransom IL.. Is this a very common occurance in this area?''

If my memory is working right, one or two snowy owls have been regulars around the area near the LaSalle Lake, the cooling lake a few miles north, for the past couple winters.

Still, it is a wonderful sight. Not sure why I think snowy owls are so cool.

I happen to drive through Ransom often, and if anybody knows the town well, drop me a note at, I have a couple things that I wonder about while barreling through.

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Sometimes, you just go with what you get in outdoor quests. On Friday, we never found a gray partridge in Lee County, the Bureau County bear or the snowy owl near Ransom in LaSalle County. But we did find my... Read More

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Nice shot, these are a cool bird. I don't think they're too uncommon in Illinois.

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