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Pheasant photo as seasons end on Illinois Hunting Report

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Monday afternoon, I was driving around looking for some outdoor photos when I passed this pheasant warming on the sun-facing ditch across from a CRP field in Iroquois County.


I couldn't believe I was that lucky, but turned around it was still there, basking in the winter sun.

Maybe the cock's internal time table was confused. Hunting season is open for a few more days. Pheasant, partridge, quail and rabbit seasons end Thursday, Jan. 8 in the north zone.

I still hope to sneak in an hour or two of kicking out a fence row for rabbits with my neighbor, but there's only a couple days left. It would be a poor year of hunting if I don't go rabbit hunting at least once.

And the end is near too for goose hunting in the north zone with the season ending on Saturday, Jan. 10.

For a third week, I'll say, when harvest numbers for the muzzleloader-only deer season come in, we will post separately.

During the hunting seasons, the extended online version of the Illinois hunting report, which comes at the end of the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays, is usually posted here on Tuesdays.

If you have suggestions, email me at or post in the comments.

Full report follows.


Season for cock pheasant, bobwhite quail and gray partridge ends Thursday, Jan. 8 in the north zone; Jan. 15 in the south.


Season ends Thursday, Jan. 8 in the north zone, Jan. 22 in the south.


Canada geese are all over, and I doubt of any of the incoming snows this week will be significant enough to push them south.

Which means, yes, the north zone should close with a bang when the Canada, white-fronted and snow/blue/Ross' goose seasons and brant season ends on Saturday, Jan. 10.

The keys are open water and access to fields close to that open water.


Despite good counts in the aerial surveys (Monday's showed 6,355 geese at Braidwood), hunters at Braidwood had a fair week last week: 53 hunters took 42 geese on Friday, then it went downhill, 56-19 on Saturday and 58-10 on Sunday.

Should be another good week for clubs and hunters around the clubs around the cooling lakes.

Canada goose, snow/blue/Ross' geese, brant and white-fronted goose seasons end Jan. 31


Duck season ends Jan. 25. The daily scaup bag is one for the rest of the season.

Canada goose, snow/blue/Ross' geese, brant and white-fronted goose seasons end Jan. 31


We're late into the year for deer hunters and more are reaching the point for donating a deer to the Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger program. For a list of processors or more information about ISAH check the IDNR web site at

Archery season runs through Jan. 15, except during firearm deer seasons in applicable counties.

The Late-Winter Antlerless-only firearm deer season and the Special CWD deer season are Jan. 16-18, 2009.


Third archery season runs through Jan. 15.


Season ends Feb. 15.


Season ends Feb. 28.


Season ends March 31, except it is closed during firearm deer seasons in applicable counties.


North zone hunting season ends Feb. 10, south zone season on Feb. 15.


Hunting season for red and gray foxes ends Jan. 31, except it is closed during the firearm deer seasons in applicable counties.


Raccoon, opossum, skunk, weasel, mink, muskrat, fox (red and gray), coyote and badger seasons end Jan. 20 in the north zone; Jan. 25 in the south.


Season ends March 31.


For IDNR hunting info, click here.

For the Illinois 2008-09 Digest of Hunting & Trapping Regulations, click here.

For the 2008-09 Digest of Waterfowl Hunting Regulations, click here.

For the Illinois Public Hunting Areas Report, click here.

For Illinois crop reports (generally posted Monday afternoons), click here.

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