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Outdoors 1, Blagojevich 0

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Listening to the countdown of votes in the Illinois Senate, all I can think is YES.

I feel like a blanket has been lifted from Illinois outdoors after six years of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

May Pat Quinn back up his talk and bring back Illinois outdoors to prominence.


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Quinn promises to show a much needed improvement in attitude in the Governor’s office than Blago has shown for six years.
Certainly a much better advocate for the interests of outdoorsmen/women, and friend to the DNR.
I am very pleased to hear him speak of the DNR and our outdoor resources with a repsect and importance that was completely absent in Blago’s attitude
We must have patience though.
Mr. Quinn has many tremendous challenges in front of him that encompass much more than outdoor issues, but at least the man recognizes that there ARE outdoor issues.
Lets not forget to support him down the road, as he has thus far been supportive of “us”, when he could easily have focused on many other issues with our states government.

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