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Blagojevich pulls fast one, names Granberg to head IDNR (updated)

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Gov. Blagojevich named former Downstate legislator Kurt Granberg to head the IDNR late Friday.

This is very much a thumb in the eye of every person concerned with the outdoors in Illinois.

Traditionally, such appointments are automatically approved by the Illinois Senate. But as one insider pointed out, these are not ordinary times.

We can only hope the Senate steps up. Here's more on Granberg.

For more than a year, Granberg was rumored to be in line to be IDNR director, a post filled on an acting basis for three years by Sam Flood, a Democratic power in Washington County.

Granberg was a legislator from 1987 until he resigned just before the House voted to impeach Blagojevich. Granberg had risen in Democratic circles to be assistant majority leader under Michael Madigan.

Bottom line, there is no reason other than political ones for Granberg to become IDNR director.

Blagojevich, who has abused and misused his responsibility toward Illinois outdoors during the length of his reign, just had to get one more shot in before his ass is out the door.

We deserve much better. Our natural world deserves better.

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It stunk when Rod Blagojevich, just days before the the disgraced former Illinois governor was tossed from office, appointed Kurt Granberg to head the IDNR.... Read More


I am so tired of uneducated and spiritually ignorant people ranting the same old nonsense. Mr Granberg and Mr Blagojevich have spent their entire careers trying to passify the spoiled rotten, ungrateful brats of Illinois. I would not have done half of what they have to help those who are so ungrateful and cruel. If you want to listen to a unproven "rumor" about the govenor made by those who are trying to destroy him due to their hate and envy of him, that is fine, that says alot about you as a reporter. Is it not true that a reporters responsibility is to report the "FACTS"? Unfortunatly you are no different than the rest of the media, always sensationalizing rumors and trying to destroy anohers life. I will pray for you. I am very supportive of both of these men and appreciate all they have done for myself and others in the Democratic party to make our lives better. If you want to hand your power over to Republicans and the Media, which they own, that is your right. I am a educated individual and do not care to do so, I have a mind of my own and am able to reason. This attempted destruction of the govenors character, career, life is nothing more than evil people at work. But, you know what the Bible says, "Vengence is the lords and what goes around comes back around tenfold". Where there is hate, envy, corruption, there is evil. Have a nice day Dale.

Yeah. Pray. That'll work.

Educated person? Oh my. I'm not sure who you are, but how much did Gov. Blago charge you for his friendship and support, JoAnna Toth?

The FBI would not have acted as they did on rumor. As a Democrat, I am sickened by the abuse of power and corruption by our current Governor.
His inexplicable destruction of the IDNR is galling to all sportsmen of this state regardless of thier political affliation.

The way former Governor Edgar appointed professionals to run the IDNR is praiseworthy and should be the way things are done. I hope to see a return to this way of thinking by whoever becomes our next governor.

Dale, I agree, the only reason this appointment was made was political and should be rejected by the Senate.

Governor Blagojovich saw fit to leave Sam Flood as "acting" director for nearly for years.
Flood was installed as "acting" director, after two vastly more qualified men resigned the post due to the obvious disregard that Blago has for the IDNR.
After letting the department languish and deteriorate with the supremely unqualified Flood overseeing things for years, dear Rod decides that now is the time to appoint someone to the post? Flood is nothing more than a hollow figurehead/puppet.
Granberg is even less than that.
Please! It is so transparent that this is just a political favor being paid to Granberg that it makes my stomach turn to know that, if approved by the senate Granberg will recieve another retirement benefit being paid by the taxpayers.
The man has zero qualifications to head the IDNR, and is being installed simply as a closing volley and slap-in-the-face by a governor who is exhibiting increasingly psychotic behavior. The man has become a delusional sociopath.
And you, Ms. Toth, are either a fool or crooked.

Doing things to make people's lives better has nothing to do with being in charge of a decimated Department of Natural Resources.
Friends of myself and others here are working diligently to restore our closed parks, while Mr. Granberg offered nothing that even resembles knowledge of the situation when asked the question.

To hear that an economic development position was his first choice of appointments is stunning, to say the least.
Are we going to hear that golf courses among our natural resources are a viable way to maintain tourism dollars?
Not in this economy.

This stinks of nepotism, and every informed sportsman with access to a computer knows it.

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