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Albino deer in Chicago Heights?

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It looks like there's an albino buck around Chicago Heights.

To see the YouTube video, click here.

Jacqueline J. Agee sent the link with this explanation:

``On Christmas day my family was blessed to see a white deer in Chicago Heights. We were able to video tape it. My brother, John Bennett, is such a fan of yours that he insisted that I get the video to you. After many tries I eventually just uploaded it to my youtube account. . . . We saw it on the boarder of Glenwood and Chicago Heights. ''

The location makes me wonder if he is any relation to the white deer that was seen for years around Glenwood Dyer Road.

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Pretty Cool to see the white deer along side the regular brown ones.

When I used to live in Indian Head Park, we would take a drive every now and then to Argonne Labs. The place was surrounded by white deer. But there were no brown ones...only white; and they did indeed look like goats!! The white deer in your video is obviously a true albino.

Last winter - about 2 hours from where I live in Alberta Canada - there was an albino moose caught on video....another wonder of nature.

I live in the forest section of Glenwood. I have seen the white deer on three occasions. Once in my back yard just after midnight under a mostly full moon, once just taking a leisurely stroll down the public sidewalk in front of my house about half an hour after sunrise, and once along with about four brown deer in my front lawn around 9:30 in the evening.

I had never seen a White Deer in all my days,and after traveling north on Glenwood Road, in Chicago Heights I see a white deer beautiful.And this was on 12/04/2009 at 3:50pm

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