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Wild Sunday: Morning-after tracks

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There's a beauty in rabbit tracks, and sometimes a story.


I was lost in introspection on my morning ramble around the town pond with Storm, our mixed black Lab.

Then I saw coyote tracks come off a fence row and follow the old path around the pond. So I pulled my mind from inward and began studying the snow.

The snow Saturday night was perfect for this, just enough to hide old tracks and highlight the overnight ones.

The coyote made a detour to devour part of a dead crow, then circled like it might have been trying to grab a rabbit or mouse.

Rabbit tracks were everywhere. Fresh rabbit tracks are fun to study. There's the offset tracks, then there are the symmetrical tracks, like the photo, and the tracks that almost look like a three-legged animal.

I saw mouse tracks. I assume of deer mice, but somebody more knowledgeable than me would have to answer that.

Only a few squirrel tracks crossed the path. There were a few tracks from ground-feeding birds. (Oh, no, I can't tell what ground-feeding birds from the tracks.)

Then I saw the tracks of a free-roaming cat. Now there is the scourge of the wilds, feral and/or free roaming cats.

Then we crossed the railroad tracks.

And saw tire tracks.

It was time. On a morning that touched 0 degrees, it was time to make tracks for home and get Storm's paws into the warmth of home.

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