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Summer patterns cold Fish of the Week

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Think summer patterns for a wintry day.


James Ramirez, 17, of Des Plaines, caught this nice largemouth from a small lake in DuPage County on Nov. 15. And wondered if he was too late for Fish of the Week honors when he e-mailed on Monday.

No, I would call it the perfect fish for a day like Tuesday.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times. An extended online version is posted here usually by midnight Tuesday.

Here's his story:

``I was fishing a small DuPage lake on Saturday afternoon, November 15. I was throwing lipless baits all day, and the action was very slow. We went to another part of the lake that had quite a few downed trees. I ditched the typical fall lure, and went back to my summer pattern. I tied on a Shakey Head jig with a four inch plastic worm, and pitched it into the trees. I let it sink to the bottom, I moved the jig a bit, but something didn't feel right. I popped the jig back up and let it sink. I knew that something picked it up because my line started to move. I set the hook, and after a short fight, I landed this 2.5 pounder. It was a good fish and might be my last before the ice decides to stick around.''

Looks like the ice is sticking around.

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